Saturday, July 10, 2010

Poolburn in the sun

Today a group came through from Dunedin (ice hockey) to experience natural ice. Led by Dave P and Ryan we hit Poolburn dam in fabulous weather. Unfortunately the ice was covered in a 15mm laver of powdery snow. Fortunately we were still able to skate - slow and a good workout. The group experienced a trip around the main island on the ice then cleared an area for an impromptu hockey game. NZ's highest hockey game.

The team headed on up to Tekapo and I returned home via Idaburn and Coal pit dam. Idaburn was suprisingly good on a warm afternoon. Plenty of ice and a hard surface in the main area. The Gorge has still not frozen properly due to excess water in the river. Good to see others making the most of the conditions.

We started the day with a quick visit to the Lower Manorburn. Good ice in centre basin - hard and a good skate but evidence of of melting as the day warms. I skated in the gorge but the ice thinned out to 40mm as I got through to the lower basin. Frost will improve - but skate early.

Coalpit had the most ice I have yet seen on it - a mix of snow and frozen ice. Good skating the length of the pond but keep clear of the south side as it thins out.

Took a wrong turn while heading to Naseby and ended up having an impromptu skate on the frozen pond (hopefully I can find it again!). Ice had a amazing amount of air bubbles.

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