Monday, July 12, 2010

Ice or the cup?

Which would you choose - ice skate or the watch the world cup! For me it was the ice - no replays here! After watching the weather for a few days we finally have a good coastal freeze and that means a chance of natural ice close to home. This morning seemed about right so I headed up early and skated on beautiful black ice 30 mins from home. Well worth it! The ice comes and goes very fast on a small part of Lake Mahinerangi and you need to take the chance when conditions are right - although I recommend extreme care if you are thinking of skating there. You need to know how to test the ice and know if it suitable for skating (and know your ice safety procedures).

And back in time to see Spain win!


Ryan said...

Damn, that looks awesome. I'd love to skate there some time.

How thick was the ice?

Dave said...

Skate-able ice was around 50-60 mm. Dodgy ice was 40mm and getting thinner so I stayed off it. Ice goes very quickly up there.

Ryan said...

If you would like someone to join you some time just lemme know and I'll drag my butt out of bed to join you.

Dave said...

Next time it is on!

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