Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Upper Manorburn - Greenland

A small group of us were lucky to get access to the Upper Manorburn and Greenland Reservoir last week. Access to this area is very limited in winter (in the past this was not so apparently).
The access road is officially closed (with a locked gate) and the road quite challenging over winter - along with land access issues. The main reason for closure is the road surface can not handle winter traffic and people get easily stuck - along with being very snow prone - all this evident while we were there. (More images and video HERE)

Both lake areas are huge. Greenland was completely frozen along with over 2 thirds of the Manorburn. The ice was affected by snow but we were able to skate on Nordic style skates. (Initially I had a good skate on my hockey skates before the surface went off a bit).
We all explored the Manorburn then Alan and Mark walked over to Greenland. When they reported back we decided to head there as well by skating through the connecting gorge. Total distance from point to point for Dave P and I was over 6k - about 800m on land to avoid water. Alan and Mark skated much further as they went to the far end of Greenland. Over the day we all skated many kilometres.

Would be difficult picking a time (and access!!) for good ice here as it is very open and effected by sun wind and snow. The track out was quite tricky to negotiate.
More images and video HERE

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