Monday, July 5, 2010

Ice Barstids - they are under the ice!!!

While at Poolburn on Sunday we spent a bit of time skating on an area thick hard clear ice. Was like skating on a mirror with the ice so shiny it looked wet. While we marveled at the reflections the idea popped up - 'what it would look like from under the ice?' So after 15mins minutes of feverish innovation, adaptation and sillyness we came up with an ad-hoc method to get a camera under the ice. The water depth was around 10m and we were over a km from our base so we used what we had on us. This is a the result and we are reasonably pleased with it - given it was completely unplanned and made up on the spot.
Maybe next time if we plan........
No animals or cameras were harmed in this experiment... though one camera leaked a little!

(Note: the camera date stamp is incorrect - recorded 4th July 2010 and thanks to Ryan for allowing us to use - or maybe miss-use his camera!)


Anonymous said...

Wow, that came out awesome!

The camera used is mine. It's a replica of an Oregon Scientific ATC2k helmet cam:

There's a whole bunch of them on eBay although I've noticed the price has gone up a bit lately on them.

I was actually trying to buy a proper ATC3k which comes with a much wider angle lens, but it turns out that most of the ones for sale on eBay are actually just cheapo ATC2k replicas from China. They're still reasonably good quality though.

They shouldn't normally leak though. I'd damaged the seals on it the week before as I'd been trying (but failed) to fit a fish-eye lens inside it.

Dave said...

Yep was quite pleased considering it was so unplanned. We need a wider angle lens next time.

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