Thursday, July 8, 2010

In pursuit of ice!

All natural ice skaters are keen on exploring new areas to skate and Dave P went on an epic journey to test a new skating spot. The are no modern records about skating on the Upper Manorburn Dam and a few of us have talked about the possibility of skating there. The road to the dam is officially closed over winter so access is limited.

Dave decided to cycle the road. The trip took him around 2 hrs to get up there and 1 and a half to come back. The road a muddy in places with water wash-outs and some frozen parts.
There was a strip of skate-able ice behind the dam then open water for 2-3 km. In the distance it looked like the lake was frozen further. Dave did not have time to check that out as it was quite a walk to that part of the lake.

(from Dave via text and mobile - hopefully photos to come)

Awesome stuff Dave!


Ryan said...

Awesome! Pity it's not frozen right across though. That would be on hell of a big skateable chunk of ice if it did.

I have a recollection of my dad maybe having skated on the Upper Manorburn a long time ago. I'll ask him about it next time I talk to him.

Ryan said...

I talked to my Dad about this tonight and he said he's skated on the Upper Manorburn many times before. Apparently when the Lower Manorburn was too busy a bunch of them used to head up to the Upper Manorburn instead. He said he's never seen it freeze right over and reckoned there were issues with the waterflow up that way causing problems in some spots with ice formation.

He also mentioned he'd skated on an irrigation pond in Lawrence, not sure if it's the same one you were skating on though.

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