Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Hoff and the Coal

Dave and I were up early this morning for a dawn skate on Hoffmans Dam.  The whole dam was locked in snow ice.  Able to skate the perimeter including the tail.  Good access despite the snow on the track.  Great skate.
Afterwards I went around to finish off with a skate on Coalpit (after a quick creaky explore of Lower Coalpit).  Good skating on the frosted black ice with hard and bumpy snow ice on the rest of the skate able area.  The snow has been good to us this late in the season.
 Probably our last skate this year as the ice does not feel as if it can take any warm weather.

Dave P on Hoffmans
Aerial shot of Coalpit.  Variation in the ice is so interesting.

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Ryan Hellyer said...

That aerial shot is spectacular!

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