Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The lure of frost....

Rush Cutters
Two good frosts lured me to the Manorburn Dam this morning.  I knew there was a small amount of ice left in Rush Cutters so decided to check it out.  The old ice had become skate-able with around 20mm of new ice over the main basin.  The new ice was too thin but had a fun wee skate in the corner.  Surface was hard and a bit bumpy.  Caught up with Inge when she came down to check it out.
Decided to drop in to Poolburn on the way back. The road had a bit of snow on it but was well frozen so a good drive.
My intention was to see if I could skate in a pond near the lake but checked the main lake.  Surprised to see it covered in snow ice.  The ice was 'double' ice - a layer of ice under water then water topped off with another layer of snow ice - not good for skating at all (and thin).  Headed to the small bay and found a strip of ice around the edge and at the head of the bay that was skate-able.  Fab!  Ice was hard under a thin layer of snow.  Good skating - smooth and quiet - great skate for such a bad season.

Poolburn - Baby Bay
Shadow Mountains - Poolburn
Light cover of snow - smooth and quiet

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