Sunday, August 7, 2016

No hassle - Hoffmans Dam

Hoffmans Dam
Big frost this morning got me up and away to look for ice.  We have had a few days of snow showers in the hills so thought about looking for snow ice.
Headed straight to Coalpit Dam as it would be the most sheltered.  Temp when I arrived was -9!  Good part of the dam was snow ice hard enough to skate on.  New black ice in some parts but too thin for skating and a some water showing. Had fun cruising around on the hard bumpy ice.  Cold though and eventually had to get my heated gloves and a face mask!
Checked out Hoffmans Dam afterwards and ended up with a great skate.  The whole dam including the tail was locked in snow ice - bit bumpy in places but good skating. Thinner in the main area so care was needed.  Hoffmans looked fabulous with snow on the surrounding fir trees - a real treat and hard to leave.
Sun coming up on Coalpit
In the tail of Hoffmans
Looking down the tail of Hoffmans
Shards bro....
Also visited the old curling rink up behind Naseby (pic below)
Old curling rink.

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