Sunday, June 5, 2016

First Ice of the Season...

Dave and I headed off early to drive to the Upper Manorburn before the road closes for winter.
We decided to check Poolburn just to see if there was any ice around.   Water level at Poolburn is very low this year.  There was a covering of thin ice over some of the dam but not enough the skate (not to mention the open water showing....)
After a bit of exploring we were treated to a skate in a small bay. Great to be on the ice again!! First skate of the season!

The drive to the Upper Manorburn was fabulous - good driving through the spectacular rugged landscape.  Feels like big country.  The last time Dave and I (with Alan and Mark) had visited was in 2010 when we skated the Upper ManorBurn through to the Greenland Reservoir. The only ice we saw this time was in a gorge near the top.  Great to be out in the winter landscape.

Dave P - small bay on Poolburn

Plants under the ice

Gorge on the way to Upper Manorburn

Checking the ice anywhere we could find  it.

Ice report
Idaburn - a little ice in the main basin against the bank.  Not enough to skate.
Coalpit - ice across the whole dam but too thin to skate. 10-15mm
Poolburn - thin ice across much of the main bay.  Water in some areas.  Not skate-able  but can
find the odd patch if you hunt around (for the brave...)

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