Monday, June 6, 2016

A great early season skate....

After yesterday's early season ice we decided to head up to Poolburn again today as a good frost was expected in Central.  Coldest temps so far this year.
We headed straight to yesterdays spot and were treated to a great early season skate.  On the way out we decided to check have a look at the main bay and were amazed that we could skate out to the island.    Ice was a it creaky as the day started to warm.  Just fabulous skating for early June. Care was needed.  Hoping that frost will keep the ice in.
Had a skate at another hard to get to place on the way home.  Great day!

Early dawn rest on the rocks of Poolburn
Out beside the small island
What grows beneath....
One of the bays at Poolburn

Ice Report:  Poolburn - some ice over (most of) the bay out to the main island. Thin - needs much care and a few more frosts.  Not recommended for skating yet.
Idaburn - Bit more thin ice in main bay but not yet fully covered.   


Clive said...

Nice last Picture, did someone get a drone for their birthday???.....:)

Ryan Hellyer said...

How did you do the aerial shot?

Dave said...

Birthday drone!!!

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