Saturday, June 25, 2022

Forest skate...

Cycled in to a local forest today to have a look at a pond to see if the weeks cold weather had formed any ice.  Had checked out this spot 2 years ago and at the time thought it might freeze if conditions were right. Air was quite warm but was pleased to find black ice with a few mm of water on top. Headed back to the car to pick up the skates and in my haste forgot my safety gear.  Had a good - but careful - skate anyway.  So smooth and hard to leave. Was well on the way to a thaw as I left.  On the way home I stopped and checked out a frozen stream that I had skated on once before. It looked as it it would have been skate-able yesterday but thawing now as well.

 Great to have a skate so close to home.

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