Sunday, July 3, 2016

A Cracking Skate...

The crack of dawn....
The plan was to be in the McKenzie Country today but after a report from Allan and Dave I decided to postpone the trip until ice conditions improve (if ever this year....)
Instead I went for a quick tour around Central to check our local conditions.  Visited Coalpit, Idaburn then Poolburn.  Both Coalpit and Idaburn had some ice that was softening in the warmer temps.  Unusually the better ice was on the exposed side of Coalpit with water in the shade.  Both places need a few more frosts.
Poolburn was a bit of a surprise.  There was evidence of a hard frost although no ground frost at all when I got there. There was ice in some areas and plenty of open water.
After tentatively testing the ice I was able to have a skate in two of the bays.  Ice was borderline but held up despite cracking continuously under the blades. Did not venture too far but had a great couple of hours skating on smooth ice.
Dropped by the Lower Manorburn and Lawrence on the way home. I would have guessed there would be some ice on the Manorburn but there was only a skim of ice in part of Rushcutters.   Lawrence had about 10mm and very warm.

Every year I plan on skating somewhere new and thought I would miss out this year but.... spotted a pond I have not skated on before near Poolburn and  got my 'new spot'  skate for this year!!!

A worth while trip in the end and pleased to be on natural ice again but think this may be it for this year as the warm weather continues this week.

Small bay - Poolburn 
Clear...but thin!!
Barely thick enough
New ice for 2016

The new pond...
Just a skim at Rushcutters...

Ice Report:  Very little ice around Central.   Need a few frosts before anything becomes skate able.
Coalpit:  15mm on the sunny side.    Idaburn: 20mm in the main bay.  Water elsewhere.   Warm!
Poolburn: 20-30mm in some areas.  Some open water.
Lower Manorburn:  Just a skim in half of Rushcutters.

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