Thursday, August 13, 2015

A little black ice - and it is good!

Early morning skate - sun not up yet
Up early this morning and met Inge at the Lower Manorburn.  Better skating than last night - not as much frost today but the ice had set nicely and we were able to skate from one side of Rushcutters to the other.  Also managed to skate on fresh black is at the edge of the old ice but the rest of the ice was still to thin - just one hard frost away from being skate-able.....
Before I left drove to the top of the middle basin just to have a look and found new back ice that was strong enough to skate.  Just fabulous - rare to get such great ice in August and hard to leave! Finally headed home stopping for a mini pond skate on way.
Great skating for so late in the season - should go a few more days if the frosts hold....
Dave and Inge
Fresh ice....some thick enough to skate on
Wow - look at this black ice!
(very) Mini pond skate

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