Saturday, June 29, 2013

First skate 2013

Sunny side of Coalpit
Today Dave P and I headed off to hunt for ice.  After the big snow of a week ago we were not sure what we would find as the temperatures had not been that low.  Still a bit of snow around on the way but lots when we hit the Naseby area.  This had created snow ice and we were treated to some great skating on hard smooth ice.
Coal-pit Dam was the standout.  First time either of us had seen in completely locked in and we were treated to good skating - we returned later in the day for another burst.

Coal-pit - hard smooth snow ice 70mm plus.  Need 4WD on the track because of snow.
Pond-on-George - smooth snow ice - good skate except for the water in/out spot.
Idaburn Dam - some good snow ice on main pond. Lots of water running in the area. Good skating on selected parts - be careful
Poolburn - thin plate ice on most of lake.  Limited skating if you look for it.  Track a bit muddy.

Also had a rare skate on Lower Coalpit
Agent Dave 
Lower Coalpit


Clive said...

Agent Dave looks like we were not the only ones with a few on the it...

Great to get that first skate in...:) may the season be long and cold.

Ryan Hellyer said...

Awesome :)

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