Sunday, June 3, 2018

Smooth as bro

Up early with Dave and Steph and headed to Poolburn to meet Inge (and her friends).  Our plan was for a daybreak skate to make the most of the (nearly safe) ice.  We all had a great skate out round the island in the main bay then around to the dam and around to the back of the main island.   While the ice was not yet thick enough to be safe it was freezing hard while we were there which kept the ice hard and fast.  Smooth black ice - the best!  Good fun. Again amazed it was so good in early June.

Dave and Steph with Inge and crew 
Brief break.  Dave Dave and Steph
lines of fun... 

Dust patterns in the ice.

Poolburn:  Main bay has ice that is skate able if it is freezing hard.  Softens as the day warms.  Ice in other places but variable.  Check carefully before skating and watch for thinning ice.  Track ok (bit rough) but gets muddy after the frost.

Idaburn:  Around 40mm over the main area. Unsure about gorge area.

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