Monday, June 4, 2018

Great Moss Swamp

Have wondered many a time if it would be possible to skate the Great Moss Swamp on the Old Dunstan Road.  Today was the last day the road is open before winter so I decided to check it out after the cold snap.
Interesting drive in the dark to get there and well worth it.  The small arm is the easiest part to access and it was frozen solid with thick smooth ice.  Fantastic skating.  Able to skate the whole arm (avoiding the stream inlets!) and crossed to the far side entrance to the main lake on a tongue of ice with water on both sides.  Open water prevented me going any further but there were sheets of ice over many parts of the lake.  Great to skate in a new place with such good ice.  Hard to leave!   On the way I out checked out a few spots and couldn't resist a skate on Deep Creek.
Start of the small arm.
Small arm
Looking out the small arm. (I skated to the left far side)
Interesting drive 
Waiting for the sun rise
New things to see
Down the small arm
The bus stop
The road at the end of the small arm where I got on the ice.
Public transport available
On Deep Creek

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Ryan Hellyer said...

Very cool! I'd been wondering for a long time whether it was possible to skate there too. I'd discussed the possibility of hiking in there with Dave Patchett, but never got around to doing it.

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