Saturday, June 30, 2018

Out and about

Up to Poolburn early this morning to see what survived the snow last week.  Much of the ice had melted with some refreeze too thin to skate.  The main bay (and a few other places) had snow effected ice with some smooth skating in between.  Ice was variable and needed care but some good skating.   The effect of the wind and snow on the ice looked amazing - especially from the air.

Left Poolburn and went for an explore on the bike to check some other spots and ended up with a skate on fab smooth ice.  Well worth the ride.

Pics:Wind and snow patterns on the ice - the snow/wind 'waves' look out of focus....
Main Bay - scale: the picture is a km from top to bottom

Entrance to small bay

Island in the main bay. 
Fab skating

Tried riding on the ice?... yea..nah...yea... 
Rest time 
Interesting track surface...

Poolburn:  Some ice still in main bay but effected by wind and snow.  Variable thickness.  Needs care if going out form shore.  Track gnarly.

Idaburn:  Swimming time.

Lower Manorburn:  Fresh ice in main basin but not thick enough yet.

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