Saturday, June 2, 2018

Best start to the season...

Amazing day today.  We headed early to Poolburn for a look and were amazed to find good ice - not that thick but good for a skate if you took care.  The best early season skate either of us have ever had.  We skated across a couple of bays and had a chat with a group of motorcyclists on their way to the Brass Monkey.  Fantastic black ice but needs checking before skating.
Headed to the upper Manorburn for a look while the road is still open.  Zero ice but had a few skates in different places (including skating on the river!) on the way out.  Also a bit of a treat skating in an irrigation canal.
Finished of with a skate on black ice on Coalpit Dam.  Great ice there - just a good frost away from really safe ice.
All in all an unexpected and fantastic start to the season.

Coalpit Dam:  Ice is nearly thick enough for a safe skate.  Black ice up to 40mm.  If there is a frost tomorrow skate on the far side under the trees.  Check first.

Poolburn:  Black ice over most of the dam. Thickness varies.  Needs a frost or two to make safe.  If you go take care and test before getting on and have a safety plan as there will be no one there to help.

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Shawn said...

Is 40mm black ice thick enough? I thought you should avoid skating on ice less than 100mm thick.

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