Saturday, August 5, 2017

Black and white....

Up to Poolburn at first light to find a surprising amount of ice.  Mostly smooth hard white snow ice with big patches of new black ice.  Great skating.  Was able to skate to the dam and around the back of the main island the other way.  Just had to be aware of some of new ice that was too thin. Fabulous.
On the way home had a look at Eweburn Dam.  Mostly water but had a skate in the sheltered bay.  Worth checking in the future.
Maybe the last skate of the season as warm weather is predicted.
At the bottom of the lake
Rock Islands
Clear black ice

Eweburn Dam
Eweburn Dam - looking out of the bay

Poolburn:  Had good ice in the main bay.  Will work tomorrow with a frost.  Track mucky when it thaws.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Not the pits....

Thought I would try for one last skate for the season so headed to Central this arvo.
Surprised to find the ice so good on Coalpit this afternoon.  It had held well over the week.  Smooth hard and fast snow ice.  Great skating.  Hoffman's was just as good and enjoyed skating into the tail.
We'll worth the effort.



Coalpit Dam:  Hard smooth snow ice over most of the dam.  Good skating.  Skate with the frost in the morning.  Will get creaky when the day warms up.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Poolburn and more...

Up early this morning to meet Inge for a skate on Poolburn.  Ice the same as yesterday.  Good skating with some smooth areas stronger over night.   Some water showing around the edges by the time I left.
Headed to Grey Lake to see if the ice had lasted there.  Had a skate on a new dam then walked into the lake.  Fab ice - snow ice again but smooth and hard.  Great skating.  Ice started to soften as I left.
Great skate day.....
Early start with Inge
New ice - smooth!
Different expansion rates between snow ice on top of black ice
Weather change on the way.
Great backdrop - place I had not skated before
Fab ice on Grey Lake
Snow ice on top of black ice

Poolburn has a huge chunk of skate able ice in the main bay.  Could work again tomorrow with a frost. Edges melting in the warmth.   Ice hard and rippled with some smooth areas.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Snow ice survived...

After a good frost, headed to Central today to see what survived the big rain storm last week.
Snow ice seems to have survived well.  Had a good skate on Coalpit - hard bumpy snow ice but ok with the hockey skates.  Some super smooth ice around the edge.  Had a wee skate on Hoffmans as well but the edges were going off in the sun.
Checked out Poolburn (after a mucky ride up) and wow much of the lake covered with hard and fast snow ice.  Most of it had a 'ripple' effect from the wind.  Wind effects were evident.  But good skating  with some big smooth patches.  Refrozen open areas were too thin but did skate on a bit of crazy pave ice. Able to skate out to the main island ok.  Edges everywhere were refrozen and thin
Great skate!!

Some super smooth at the edge
Wind effects on Poolburn
Some smooth patches 

Coalpit:  Snow ice over whole dam - most skate able.  Hard and bumpy but ok with Hockey skates. Go from the shady side
Hoffmans:  Snow ice.  Hard and bumpy. Watch the edges.  Softens in the sun.  Skate early.  Have a safety plan.
Poolburn:  For the keen.  Hard wind effected hard snow ice with some smooth areas.  Watch the ice as the snow ice hides hazards.  New ice is thin.  Check the ice first and have a safety plan.  Track gnarly.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Kite Time..

Up to Poolburn at first light - surprised to find so much ice still there.  Reformed snow ice.  There was wind blowing making it interesting watching the ice surface evaporating as I skated.  Had a good skate then switched to the touring skates for a bit.
Enough wind to get the kite out and had a great time kiting across the main bay.  By the time I left after mid day there was water forming on the ice showing the hard 'crazy-pave' ice underneath. Be interesting to see if the ice survives the wet weather over the next few days.
Dropped in to Hoffmans Dam for a quick skate on the way home.   Great day.
Sunrise  (Laughing-man rock)
Surface ice under pressure

Loving it.....

Hard to know what will happen to the ice over the next few days as temps and wind  are up and a cold front is due.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Snow ice!

Decided to head to Central before the next storm to see if there was any ice left.  Pleased to find skate able ice at Coalpit and Hoffmans Dam.  Had a good skate on Coalpit - ice was hard refrozen snow ice.  A bit bumpy in places but a good skate.    Met up with some visitors and got young Sam out on the snowskoot.
Had a quick skate on Lower Coalpit but the ice was pretty thin.
Hoffmans was the real surprise.  Smooth ice on most of the main area.  Fab skating and hard to leave - glad I took the head light to get back to the truck.

Sam on the snowskoot 
Lower Coalpit
Hoffmans - great skating

Coalpit Dam:  Snow ice - skateable with the frost.  Go from the shaded side.  Thinner in the middle.
Hoffmans Dam:  Smooth snow ice.  Careful around the edges.  Too thin through the tail.
Snow ice is unpredictable so test first and have a safety plan.  Only good with a frost.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Touring skates win...

Up to Poolburn at first light.  Good to find the water between the ice and snow had frozen.  Did a couple of circuits around the main island then changed to the Nordic touring skates.  I am getting used to these and found them great on the bumpy ice - smooth as.   On the way out had a skate on smooth ice at the track dam.  Stopped in at Idaburn for a quick circuit because I could.
Checked D-Dam and had a quick skate there then finally Coalpit - which had refrozen into hard bumpy ice.  A few circuits then on with the touring skates.   A good skate day all round.

Poolburn - smooth ice in the shadows
Pressure cracks on Poolburn
Track dam 
A rescue boat!!!
On D Dam
Coalpit - refrozen snow ice.

Idaburn - snow ice on top of hard ice.  Hard and bumpy with a frost but softening in the sun.
Coalpit - Refrozen snow ice - hard and bumpy - would be ok with frost.
Poolburn - Variable - some refrozen ice - snow covered in other places.  Beware hidden hazards under the snow.  New ice is thin.