Saturday, June 23, 2018

Poolburn delivers...

Up early this morning to meet Inge at Poolburn.  Did expect some ice but was surprised to find such good crazy pave  ice all over the main bay and out to the main island.  Great skating. Elsewhere the ice was variable and at times thin.  Seems some of the ice from a few weeks ago had survived and thickened with the few days of frost. Inge and I had a good skate.  Also explored a couple of other bays but was a bit tricky getting to them.  Well worth the effort and great to be on the ice at sunrise.

Poolburn:  Good skating in the main bay.  Thin elsewhere.  Track muddy and slippery at the top when it thaws.  Snow expected over the next day which will probably cover the ice.

Idaburn:  1-2cm

Coalpit: 1-2cm

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