Saturday, July 9, 2016

Variable Ice... but a big day...

After a few big frosts a check at Poolburn was a must.  Surprised to find such variable ice and a lot of water.   There had been snow up there and some of the snow had reformed into skate able ice but care had to be taken as thickness varied.  Ice was a very dull colour - most unusual.
Found good ice a few bays over and had the best skate of the season.
A light breeze came up so was able to get out the kite for a bit of a kite-skate.  About 6hrs on the ice all up.  Great fun.  Also had a skate on a tarn on the side of the track.
Headed down to finish with a skate in RushCutters and then off to meet Dave to plan the next skate.

Round the rocks
A light wind - kite time.
Lots of hazards.

Ice Report:  Idaburn - up to 20mm.  To thin to skate
Poolburn: Has some skate-able ice if you look for it but variable with a lot of water showing. Risky.  Track good.  Lower Manorburn:  Skate able in Rush Cutters corner - maybe a bit further out if you skate with the frost.  Take care and check to ice first!!

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