Monday, July 11, 2016

Glacier Ice!

Up very early today and headed to Mt Cook to see if there was chance of a skate on Tasman Glacier Lake (after some good frosts).  The lure of the bergs was strong.  Reached the lake on day break to a awesome site - the ice bergs looked fabulous.  Unfortunately there was to be no berg skating this time as the ice was strong and hard but too thin to safely skate.  I did find place to skate but was unable to reach the big chunks of ice.  The ice was an amazing colour and hard and fast.  Care need to be taken as the colour of the ice hid open water well.
After a good skate I left Tasman and explored the nearby 'Blue Lakes' (they looked green!)  Skated on the bottom lake and the top one.  The top lake had the best ice I have skated on - fresh hard and (green) clear.  Middle lakes were dry.   Just fab.
Next was a walk to Mueller Glacier and was pleased to be able to skate in behind the island on Mueller Lake.  What a fabulous backdrop to skate under.  Great ice - smooth and hard - so smooth it felt wet but was dry.  Hard to leave.
Headed back to finish off with a skate on the Lower Manorburn - again very good ice especially in the upper basin. The drive down to Omarama was spectacular through the hoar frost.
Big day but most satisfying!
Tasman Glacier Lake
Ice Berger
Blue (Green?) Lakes
Mueller - what a backdrop
Upper Basin - Lower Manorburn

Ice report:  Lower Manorburn has good ice in the main and upper basin.  Skate with the frost.
Mt Cook:  Mueller has some skate able ice behind the island but would need a good check to see if it is still ok.  Blue Lakes have ice but only the top one is free from (thrown) stones. Top lake has fabulous ice.

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