Thursday, July 21, 2016

Snice! Snow Ice

Lucky enough to get a bit of a skate today.  While in Queenstown today I spotted a possible skate and after a bit of a walk down an icy track from the ski field I had a skate on snow ice.  The ice was hard, a bit bumpy but good to skate on.  Great to get the skates on again!   Well worth the slippery walk although I not sure how 'ok' it was to skate there.
Visited the Lower Manorburn on the way home and was surprised to see a bit of ice in Ruchcutters.  Melted around the edge and did not look as though it would be there long.  No sign of ice anywhere else on the trip.

Snow ice - bumpy but good skate!
Lower Manorburn.
Wind blown ice at Lower Monorburn.

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