Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Poolburn Black

Coalpit aquarium 
Up to Poolburn at day break this morning and was treated to
 a spectacular sunrise.  Great to be out on black ice enjoying the atmosphere.  New black at the edge of the older ice and thick enough to skate.  Had a great skate down to the far bay - black ice all the way. Wow.  The older ice felt quite slow once I was back on it.  Maybe the last good ice before the weather turns.
Old the way home I dropped into Idaburn for a few turns around the main bay.  Good ice but melting in the warm wind.  Then on to Coalpit and what a surprise.  Clear ice across the whole dam.  Great skating (avoiding all the  debris near the pier!) and at times so clear it seemed like I was skating on a aquarium.  Fab.
Big winds and rain expected over the next few days - might loose all the ice.

The caravan again... 
Clear as bro

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