Sunday, June 21, 2015

Unexpected ice...

Weak ice Coalpit
Dave P and I decided (late last night) to go out and explore today not really expecting to see any ice suitable for skating but to gather a little information about what is out there.
Coal Pit Dam was out first point of call. Surrounded by snow the dam had about 10mm of ice covered in another 10-15mm of snow ice.  The ice was very weak and would not hold any weight though I did try the ice-skoot on the edge.
We headed then to Idaburn - the dam was mostly water with a skim of ice near the edge.
We debated whether to bother going to Poolburn but after seeing not too much snow on the hills decide to head up for a look.   Getting there was interesting as parts of the track had snow drifts and we had to go off track to get around.
The whole dam was covered with 'not quite enough' ice - snow effected ice that had become weak with warming temperatures.  We explored a bit and found stronger ice in one bay and were able to have an unexpected skate around the edge of the bay.  Bumpy and rough but hard.
A light wind came up and I was also able to have a snow kite around the end of the same bay (yeah!).
A fun day all round.
Testing the edge - Coalpit
Dave P skating the edge - Poolburn
Snow kiting

Ice Report:
Coalpit Dam - Thin ice cover by thicker snow ice - still a way off skating.  Some snow on the track in.
Ida Burn - Mostly water - skim of ice around the hut edge.
Poolburn - Covered in 20-40mm of snow affected ice - lots of air in the ice making it weak.  Some edge bits skate-able if you are early and take care.  Track needs 4wd (and maybe chains) due to snow drifts.

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