Saturday, June 27, 2015

Snow, rough ice but great day.

Headed off early this morning and met Dave P at Oterehua.  We were both surprised to see quite a bit of new snow on the way.

First stop after that was Idaburn.  The whole dam was locked in with ice but snow had effected the surface.  We had a bumpy skate up to the dam then came back and had fun on the smooth ice around the edge of the main skating area.
From there we drove - well I should say pushed through the snow - up to Poolburn.  Great to see the whole lake covered in thick ice but snow had made the surface quite rough.  Luckily the surface was hard so we skated around to the dam just enjoying the feel of the place.  Dave then completed a circuit around the main island while I walked over and met him on the other side.  Despite the rough surface is was great to be out on our favourite skating place.  We had an interesting ride out barging through the snow.
At the bottom we split up and while Dave headed to McKenzie country I went exploring and skated somewhere I have never skated before  Great ice - black ice with a bit if snow that had smoothed over.  Great to finish the day cutting some curves!
Dave cutting some curves 
Cold place to raise kids...
Looking over Poolburn after an interesting drive.....
The expanse of Poolburn

Finishing off with smooth ice...
Exploring new ice..
Ice Report:
Coalpit - locked in with snow ice. Bumpy surface - a thaw will smooth off.  Snow on track - may need chains for 2WD

Idaburn - plenty of ice up to the dam.  Snow effected and bumpy but smooth around the edge.  

Poolburn - Good thickness over most of the lake but rough surface.  A thaw or wind will change the ice quickly.  A lot of snow on the track.  Just ok with a 4WD.  Will need chains if any more snow.

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