Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Quick morning skate.. (local too)

Pond skate - early and cold!
Managed to fit in an early morning skate after 2 days of frost.  Only had time to go local so headed to Mahinerangi.  Found ice in a couple ponds near the lake - just borderline for a skate but found thicker black ice in the enclosure.  The enclosure is a dangerous place to skate normally (need very careful testing) but was fine in a couple of small bays and I loved the new back ice.
Great way to start the day.

Ponds - frozen by the lake
Testing the ice in the enclosure
Black ice and fabulous... 

Ice report:  I don't really recommend Mahinarangi as the ice comes and goes quickly and is effected fast by the weather and day temperatures.  A chancy place to skate.

Manorburn:  I heard last night (Tuesday)  that Rushcutters is skate-able.  Should be even better after this mornings frost.


Anonymous said...

hi there any ideas on which dam a family could skate on near alex and if you can hire skates anywhere for them ? rather than the ice rink or anyone to contact about?

Dave said...

Hi - Best place and most reliable ice is the Lower Manorburn Dam - about 3km from Alex. Unfortunately no one hires skates anymore around there but drop by the rink and see if they will help.
Treat the ice always as unsafe and note that wind/rain/warmth of the day changes the ice - best place to head to is the middle basin of the dam (go over the hill past the dam) and into the shady corner (trees). Early morning is best. If there is anyone skating there have a talk to them before heading onto the ice. They may be able to help you out with skates?
I will be checking the dam tonight to see what the ice is like.
Idaburn Dam was fabulous this afternoon.

Dave said...

email me (from here) and I may be able to oganise some skates if we happen to be there at the same time.

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