Friday, June 26, 2015

Great way to start the day...

Got up early and went out to the Manorburn for an early morning skate.  Great ice - mostly black ice with some slightly bumpy areas.  I skated down the gorge to the entrance of the lower basin.  the ice was thinner here so turned and headed back across the middle basin and through the neck to the upper basin.  A good skate until I reached rough ice.  So nice to be on the ice at daybreak and watch the morning come alive while cruising the ice
Great way to start the day before heading back to work.
Met Llew on the way out from the dam - another keen natural ice skater!

Not sure what will happen to the ice over the next few days and warmer temps and wind are forecast...
Looking out of the gorge to the Dam

Fabulous skating again...
Main Basin

Ice Report
Lower Manorburn:  Very good ice all over the middle basin.  Lower basin ok near the pier.   Gorge is thin at the dam end (beware - avoid..).  Upper basin has good ice up until the rough ice.   Note:  Middle basin should last a bit but warmer temps and rain over the next few days will change things fast... so check carefully..

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