Monday, June 3, 2019

Pre season explore

Dave and I headed off early this morning to check our favourite skating spots to to see where else we might be able to skate if/when the ice comes. We took our skates despite not expecting to skate at all. First stop was Poolburn to check the road conditions and the water level.  A bit of skim ice around but great to be out in the hills again.
We met a Poolburn 'local' and having a chat decided to head on via the Old Dunstan Road to Paerau.  Last day of the season the road is open and great to travel through.  A bit of snow around the top section and after checking a few snow ice pools I had the seasons first skate.  Fab to be on the ice again in a great setting.  First effort earned me some wet feet then found a shallow pond and had a great (but creaky) skate.  Hard to get off the ice.
Headed down to Paerau with a few stops to look at the view.  Up over the Old Dunstan to Great Moss swamp on a muddy road.  A bit of exploring then stopped off to 'wash' the truck in a ford then home.
Great day out.
Skates on!

Wet Feet!
Its enough!

Checking the skim ice

First good skate of the season - hard to leave

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