Thursday, June 20, 2019

A bit of snow and a bit of ice!

After a couple of good frosts this week I decided to go up very early this morning  to Poolburn to see if there was any ice coming on - maybe for the weekend.   Cold temps on the way - down to -7 at one stage.  Track up was rougher than usual and into snow near the top.  Great to find ice over most of the dam but not yet thick enough to skate.  After a bit of scouting around and wet feet I found some skate able black is and had a fantastic skate despite the ice doing a lot of talking!  Clouding in while I was there - hopefully a few more frosts will come. Fab pre dawn and sunrise - well worth the trip.

Idaburn Dam - half the main bay has about 10mm ice
Coalpit Dam - about 10mm over most of the dam.  Water on the shady side

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Firlibuppen said...

Great pics and nice ice! Congratulations!

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