Saturday, June 29, 2019

Poolburn Dawn

Sunrise on the ice
Arrived at Poolburn this morning to see meet Inge and Jane already on the ice with their head lights. Great to catch up and skate with them.  Fabulous dawn sky that soon gave way to a cloudy morning and a breeze.
Thick ice in half the main bay with new back ice beyond that.  The black ice was a bit variable but fantastic skating.  We made it a fair way around the side of the island but were turned back by thinning ice.   Peter and his son and friend made good use of the safe ice for a bit of pond hockey and a couple of Lord of the Rings fans from France stopped by the a chat and had go on the ice scooter.
Eventually able to get the kite out for a bit of fun though the ice surface was melting at this stage and very slippery making it hard to edge.
Hopefully the ice will survive as it will be a  bit warmer and windy over the next few days.
On the way home I stopped in at Idaburn and Coalpit for a quick skate.
With Inge and Jane on the black ice
So clear....
Ice scooter....
Coalpit on the way home
Kite time
Poolburn:  Big chunk of skate able ice in the main bay - new black ice further out.  Windy and wet by the time we left with the ice starting to creak.
Idaburn: 60mm over some of the main bay.  Melting in the wind...
Coalpit: 50-60mm on some of the dam - thinner at the edges.

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