Saturday, July 4, 2020

Snow ice better than no ice....

After a tip of from Inge yesterday about some snow ice on Poolburn and despite the dismal weather forecast,  I decided to check out Poolburn this morning.  Still a bit of snow on the way up and the track starting to break up in the wet. Most of the ice from last Saturday had gone but found a patch of snow ice in the small bay .  Had a good but bumpy skate - more suited to the Nordic skates. Went over the check the far bay and found a big pack of snow ice and had an enjoyable time mostly on the Nordic skates.  Weather deteriorating with spits of rain as I left. Without frost the last ice will go fast.
Checked Idaburn and Coalpit on the way home - mostly water.
Ice mostly gone - water in places.
Snow ice pack in the big bay
On the snow ice in Big Bay

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