Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Rock Rabbit!

Decided to make a dash up to Poolburn this morning for a skate before the weather warms up again.
One of the things we look for on the way is the rock rabbit the tells us we are just a kilometre from the ice.  Good to see it this morning but only a light frost.
Rock Rabbit - you are nearly there...
Poolburn was locked in with 60-80mm of snow effected ice.  At least it was hard though a bit bumpy.   Had a good skate out to the main island then put on the Nordic skates to a longer tour. By 10.00 the ice was going off so had to head back while it was still safe and was amazed at the changes happening with the day warming.  Water holes and pressure cracks appearing - onealmost stopping me getting back -  but worth the effort.
Bit of a skate on Idaburn on the way up - snow ice and feeling creaky.
The ice does not feel as that it is here to say and unfortunately warmer weather and winds are due.

Testing before crossing pressure cracks
Cracks appearing as the day warms
Who said farmers aren't in touch with their feminine side!

Poolburn 70-80mm snow/back ice.  Deteriorating quickly in the sun and becoming weak.  Get there early for a skate (maybe) but won't last.  Track messy when it thaws.
Idaburn 60-70mm snow ice in main basin - thins out to water in the gorge side.  Hard and bumpy while frozen.   Need frosts!!

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