Saturday, July 13, 2013

Poolburn Black please

Sir..... How would you like your ice?  Poolburn Black please - the best!   Great skate on black ice today on Poolburn.  Smooth and like glass.  I kept near the edge and only went out to the small island as the ice was not that thick, I had arrived late and the sun was warming the ice. But what a skate. The ice seems to form all at once here - no shady parts to form first so when it is good the whole lake is good.

Coalpit turned on another good skate with a mix of refreeze ice and black ice.  Had a pond skate on the track in to Coalpit - small but fun.  Track to Coalpit is now free of snow.
Hoffmans dam had ice but did not feel safe enough for a skate.  Idaburn had good skating in the main basin but best to skate early or with a frost as the ice is easily effected by sun and wind.
Skated the Lower Manorburn as well.  There is ice over the whole dam but only really safe in Rushcutters Corner at the mo.  A great day skating with lots of variation.  Clicked up a few ice kms and looking forward to a rest!

Always something different at Poolburn

Ice like glass

Rushcutters Corner Lower Manorburn 
Pond Skate small but fun.

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