Sunday, June 24, 2012

Unexpected Skate!

Lake Camp (click for full size)

After a week of warm windy weather we had no plans to go skating this weekend but on a drive to Christchurch today I decided to visit a couple of ice spots on the way through.  The road to Clearwater had some surface ice in various places, little ice on the lakes but I was treated to fabulous views and great weather.

The gate to Lake Ida was locked so had a look at Lake Evelyn and was treated to a skate on the shady side - hard bumpy snow ice (30-40mm) - at the top end of the lake. The rest of the lake was water.  I was joined by Jeremy and Lucy from ChCh.  They had walked through to Ida but not skated as were unsure how safe it was but thought the ice looked similar to Evelyn.  Great to have an unexpected skate and good to see some ice has held through the warm spell.

Jeremy and Lucy


Ryan Hellyer said...

Panorama at the top looks awesome. It doesn't even look frozen.

Alan Knowles said...

Nice panorama of Camp, Dave, and thanks for doing the scouting. Did you look into the eastern end of Lake Clearwater? That's shallow and shaded and usually the first to freeze up.
Yep, Ryan, it isn't frozen.

Dave said...

Yep did check the shaded end but only a little surface ice. Evelyn was surprising considering the warmth and rain. Bring on the frost!!!!

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