Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Season underway

Lower Manorburn Dam was much the same as yesterday but the snowy surface had hardened.  Foggy and a very light frost.  Most of the dam has ice coverage but unsure of thickness further out as did not venture too far with the ice being creaky.  Need a hard frost.
Had a good skate in Rush Cutters corner - surface hard and a little bumpy.


Alan Knowles said...

Good on ya Dave. Is your ice pike a bit light to penetrate the ice in that you don't know the thickness? Mine weighs 1kg and penetrates 8cm fairly easily.

Dave said...

No Al - the ice was a too risky to look go further out without back up - so I mean the know the thickness where I was skating 30-40mm but not around the rest of the dam.

Saw your photos of North Island ice!! Great!

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