Sunday, June 14, 2020

2 big frosts....

After 2 big frosts we headed up to Poolburn to check it out. Temps as low as minus 10 on the drive. Plenty of new ice but not quite enough for a free skate.  We had a crackly skate around the edge in a few places - good to be on the ice but very borderline safe.  We walked  up from the road to check out a small irrigation dam in a shadow of some rocks.  Ice was thick enough but full of green algae - we had a tentative skate at the edge but the ice felt very unsafe.  Could have been a good new spot if it had clean water.
We decided to head back to the stream from 2 weeks ago and had a fab solid skate in the same place.
Very enjoyable morning exploring and skating.
The stream again
Algae Dam....
Our skating track
Big Bay at Poolburn

Poolburn:  New ice but needs more frost to skate
Idaburn:  New ice but needs more frost to skate


Clive said...

Good to see some Ice at least, forecast looks good from next Thursday for a week plus of good frosts....fingers crossed..:)

Dave said...

Yep sure am hoping!!

Unknown said...

New to this but love the idea of skating outside, always wanted to try this. Is there anywhere you can say would be good to try out tomorrow?

Dave said...

Hi - probably no ice tomorrow but maybe by Sunday if there a few frosts. Places to try could be the Lower Manorburn near Alex or maybe Coalpit Dam in Naseby. Keep an eye on this site and have a look on Facebook - Natural Ice Otago for any reports. Always hard to predict. Stay safe.

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