Saturday, August 5, 2017

Black and white....

Up to Poolburn at first light to find a surprising amount of ice.  Mostly smooth hard white snow ice with big patches of new black ice.  Great skating.  Was able to skate to the dam and around the back of the main island the other way.  Just had to be aware of some of new ice that was too thin. Fabulous.
On the way home had a look at Eweburn Dam.  Mostly water but had a skate in the sheltered bay.  Worth checking in the future.
Maybe the last skate of the season as warm weather is predicted.
At the bottom of the lake
Rock Islands
Clear black ice

Eweburn Dam
Eweburn Dam - looking out of the bay

Poolburn:  Had good ice in the main bay.  Will work tomorrow with a frost.  Track mucky when it thaws.

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