Thursday, July 23, 2015

Dawn on the ice..

Dawn on Poolburn
Up to Poolburn early this morning to skate at dawn.  Wow what a great skate.  The changing colours as the sun came up through the cloud was just a pleasure to watch.  The ice changing from pinks through to yellows with the sky.  Oh the ice.... yes great skating on hard locked in ice.  The surface was a mix of smooth and bumpy but good skating with hockey skates and plenty of interest in the changes in the ice.  Skated around the main island and back as well.  Great!

Sun finally coming up...

Poolburn Caravan Park (ed) :-)

Ice Report: Poolburn -  ice over most of the dam.  Ice varies - mixture of smooth and bumpy but good skating.  Some thin areas.   Check carefully if weather warms...  Track is rutted at top - will be muddy if wet.

Idaburn  As yesterday.

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