Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Alta your view.....

Well I did not think I would be making a natural ice post this late in the season...
Went to the Remarkables ski area today to try the new lift and to get a view of Lake Alta. Dave and I have been talking about skating there for a while.

Skied and walked across to Lake Alta to have a look at the snow ice.  The wind had been blowing and smoothed off one edge of the lake and it seemed hard enough to skate on.   Luckily I had my skates so skied back to the car to get the gear.  By the time I got back to the lake (after lunch by this time)  the snow and ice had softened but I still went for a kind of crusty skate.   First thing in the morning would have worked well I think.

The ice was snow ice packed on top of the original ice sheet. Very thick and hard to determine the depth.  I talked to a couple of local dudes and Dude 1 told me he was up there in October last year and there was still ice over the whole lake - he went up to swim but was unable too.  Walk time is about 40 minutes from the Ski base (according to Dude 1).

Worth investigating further!

View of Lake Alta - from the ski slope
Dave - (photo by Dude 2)
A crusty skate......

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Clive said...

Hey Dave well done, we had a friend who worked at the Remarkables (a keen skater) he tried lots of times, but never actually got to skate, as there was always way to much snow..........Great to see pictures of a new place to skate...:)

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