Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A frost at last.....but will it last....

Travelled through Central yesterday - beautiful day and no hint of ice on Coalpit, Idaburn or the Manorburn dams.  Warm temps.  This morning was a good frost though which put a thin sheet of ice on part of the Lower Monorburn.  C'mon the frost!


Ryan said...

Well at least that's a start I guess.

I'm sure we'll get some ice soon, but isn't looking promising for a lot of it unfortunately :(

If I get up in time, I might go do some inspecting closer to home tomorrow morning.

Ryan said...

Dave, do you have any idea how thick that sheet of ice was?

I'm just wondering how thick a sheet like that can get considering that it wasn't actually very cold in Alex last night (-3 deg. C according to the NIWA records).

Clive said...

Hmmmmm....does look like a shortened season..:-(
Lets hope it just arrives with some big intensity....think the ground is still too warm at the moment, we need a big snowfall to cool everything down....keep up the good work

Dave said...

You are right Clive - the warm ground! Still very soft - a few locals have commented that they were able to garden last weekend - usually they can't dig the ground at this time of the year!

Ice was around 2mm thick (good for spider skating...). A good few hard frost would get it underway properly but the days just get too warm.

Ryan said...

Thanks Dave.

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