Sunday, June 20, 2010

First ICE 2010

Finally the first trip to the ice for this year! We have been waiting for the frosts but have only had a few so far. Visited Idaburn and Poolburn Dams. Weather was disapointingly warm but there was a bit of ground snow in the Naseby area. Idaburn dam had a big pack of 75mm plus snow ice in the main skating area. Was strong enough to skate but softening in the sun and melted at the edges. A plank was needed to get on. The gorge had flowing water and the river was in flood. Needs a good few frosts.

Track to Poolburn was muddy but in good condition. Main bay and some other areas had a covering of thin ice estimated at around 15mm (too thin!) - but melting in the warm windy conditions. We had a bit of a play on some thicker snow ice in one area and Dave did some ice safety technique testing. Like a spring day!

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